Apa Kata Islam Tentang Murtad

Apa Kata Islam Tentang Murtad

Hukuman ke atas murtad terus menjadi kontroversi yang tidak dapat diselesaikan dalam dunia Islam, walaupun dibincang dan dibahaskan sarjana Islam


Educational Dualism in Malaysia: Implications for Theory and Practice

In Muslim countries, two educational systems which have been operating are the traditional, religious system and the pragmatic, secular system.


HARMONY OF HEAVEN AND HUMAN: A Chinese Life of Islam in Nanyang or Nusantara – The Malaysian Context

Unlike the Muslims in China who have developed an Islamic identity peculiar to their culture and history which is more

Malaysia Fifty Years of Diplomacy 1957-2007

Malaysia Fifty Years of Diplomacy 1957-2007

Malaysia’s entry into international affairs as the independent Federation of Malaya in 1957 marked the emergence of a uniquely new


Reclaiming the Conversation

Islamic Intellectual Tradition in the Malay Archipelago


The Malays: Their Problems and Future

The Malays as an ethnic group has been defined on the basis of both legal-constitutional and historical-cultural factors. While it