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From Beirut to Jerusalem – 40th Anniversary Edition

With a New Introduction on the
40th Anniversary Sabra-Shatila Massacre
September 1982


This is the 40th Anniversary, Sabra-Shatila Massacre edition with a New Introduction.

This is the story of Dr Ang Swee Chai, a Penang-born orthopaedic surgeon, and her flight to war-torn Lebanon in 1982 to treat the wounded and dying. This book, a quarter of a century after the Zionist-perpetrated massacre in Shabra and Shatila which killed thousands of Palestinian civilians, is a tribute to the ongoing struggle against Zionist occupation in the Holy Lands. This 25th anniversary edition also includes the writer’s reflections on the Israeli attacks on Gaza in early 2009.

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Weight .8 kg
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Ang Swee Chai