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MIRRATUL ASRAR: Mirror of Secrets – Vol. 1

Based on the Urdu translation of the original Farsi text by
Hazrat Wahid Bakhsh Sial Rabbani (r.a)

English translation by
Tehzeebunnisa Begum


Mirratul Asrar presents  a compendium  of Sufism for  the first one thousand years of Islamic history. It covers the blessed era of the Noble Prophet (s.a.w.) right through to the time of the author, Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Rahman Chishti (d. 1653 A.D.), who is connected to the noble spiritual order of Chishtiya Sabriya. The esteemed author was the apparent khalifa of Hazrat Shaikh Hamid (r.a.) and his lineage joins with that of Hazrat Shaikh Ahmad Abdul Haq Rudaulvi (r.a.) through seven intermediaries. Hazrat Shaikh Abdur Rahman was born on the 9th of Rabiul Akhir, 1005 A.H., in Rasulpur Dahhati (Lucknow) and returned to his maker in 1065 A.H. He began compiling Mirratul Asrar in 1045 A.H., following a hidden indication from Hazrat Khwaja Khwajagan Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti Ajmeri (r.a.) and completed this distinguished body of work in about twenty years.

The book offers a detailed scholarly study of all the spiritual lineages and the life accounts of the great Sufi shaikhs of the time and proves that the beliefs, teachings and practices of the shaikhs were in complete conformity with the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Noble Prophet (s.a.w.).

The book thus confirms that the practices in the Sufi way of reaching gnosis and Truth are not of later inventions and also puts an end to all criticism that Sufism owed its origin to external sources.

This English translation is rendered from the Urdu version by Tehzeebunnisa Begum disciple (murid) of our blessed spiritual guide (murshid), Maulana Hazrat Wahid Bakhsh Sial Rabbani (r.a.), who had translated it to Urdu from the original Farsi (Persian).

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18 cm
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Shaikh Abdul Rahman Chishti


A.S. Noordeen