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THE LIFE AND TIMES OF UWAIS AL-QARNI: The Hidden Sufi and Best Among the Tabi’in

Moeneba Slamang & Shakira Husain



This is one story of miracles. Miracles are a challenge to our faith in the Unseen.

The first man, Adam, is the biggest miracle. So also miracles said to have been performed by God’s messengers, from Adam to Muḥammad (saw), and numerous saints or friends of God throughout history. There is no rational explanation for these miracles, nor a rational explanation to reject them.

We decided to publish this story out of our conviction that Uwais al-Qarni is not a myth—a person with this name and character did live during the lifetime of the Prophet (saw). His unique lifestyle and his intense love for the Prophet (saw) enabled him to be acknowledged by the Prophet (saw), although they never met in person—they communicated to each other mysteriously.

This story revolves around his hidden personality, always hidden from people’s eyes. His was a life of piety, always in close proximity to his Creator. His love of solitude and his tawakkul (trust in Allah) are the subject matter of this story. His life reminds us of the saying of the Prophet (saw):

None amongst you can be a true believer
until he regards Allah and His Prophet
as dearer to him than all others.

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Uwais Ahmed Akhtarul Qaderi


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