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The Return Of The Islamic Gold Dinar

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Gold is coming back. Many independent thinkers from all over the world are calling for it to come back and restore soundness to our currency and we ought to do that simply by restoring to the people the freedom to choose. As the amount of paper money in circulation has increased in the last decade until mountains high, reaching figures that can hardly relate to earthly matters, side by side, taxation, unemployment, poverty and crime have increased to the same degree. It is the system of artificial paper-money in the hands of bankers and politicians which has mainly contributed to our present economic miseries.
“The banking institutions are more dangerous to our freedom than the enemies’ armies… The creation of money has to be removed from the banks’ hands.” (Thomas Jefferson)

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Weight .55 kg
Dimensions 21.5 × 14 cm
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Rais Umar Ibrahim Vadillo


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