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The Signs of Hypocrites


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Today, the malady of hypocrisy has made inroads on Muslims. This book, based on Aid al-Qarni’s Thalathuna Alamah li al-Munafiq (Thirty Signs of the Hypocrites), aims to help Muslims shun acts of hypocrisy. Citing relevant hadiths and verses from the Holy Quran, the book presents a detailed picture of hypocrisy ­– what it is, what its signs are, and what happens to hypocrites in the hereafter – without targeting any particular individuals, organizations or parties. The rationale behind the book is that if Muslims can recognize the signs of hypocrisy, they can avoid them and save themselves from the punishment that awaits hypocrites in the hereafter. Aid al-Qarni is a Saudi Islamic scholar, respected author and activist.

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A'id al-Qarni


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