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Faiz Abdullah

Professor Dr Mohd Faiz Abdullah is the Dean of the Selangor Business School, UNISEL and advisor to the Menteri Besar of Selangor on international affairs and policy. He graduated with First Class Honours in LLB from the International Islamic University, Malaysia in 1989 before earning an MBA and a PhD in Business Law. His first discipline was in the Humanities with particular interests in Literature and Philosophy. His first book –The Province of Sharī’ah Determined: A Fundamental Rethink of the Sharī’ah – is a tour de force in Sharī’ah exposition calling for a paradigm shift in looking at Islamic law and in engaging a universal audience by
breaking free from the classical constraints in Islamic legal discourse. In his second book – The Wars of Jurisprudence: Clash between Contractual Justice and Freedom of Contract, Faiz explores the concept of justice tracing back to Plato and Aristotle and then to Kant’s categorical imperatives before settling on Rawlsian “justice as fairness” in support of both the definition and advocacy of contractual justice. His fourth book – Voyage to Excellence: Strategic Management for the 21st Century – is set for publication in December, 2017. Faiz is currently working on his fifth book entitled Islamic State: Between the Idea and the Reality which is targeted to be published in June 2018.