M Umaruddin

Professor Mohammad Umaruddin was born in 1902 in a family of Mohammad Pathans having both a pastoral and martial background. His great intellectual ability was recognized early but old established family traditions compelled him to join the Army. While in the Army, his Commanding Officer, a Scottish Colonel, recognizing his immense intellectual gift, advised and persuaded him to resign from the Army, and pursue his intended studies in Philosophy and Psychology. He took this advise and, resigning from the Army, joined the Aligarh Muslim University, as a student, in 1924. After obtaining his Masters Degree in Philosophy, in 1928, he was appointed a Fellow of the Muslim University and eventually became the Chairman of the Department of Philosophy & Psychology and full Professor of the University in 1948. This chair he held, with great academic distinction and administrative honour, till his death in 1964. According to his wishes he was buried in the University Graveyard where he lies amongst those he loved and nourished all his life.

Professor Mohammad Umaruddin was one of those rare persons who have that inexplicable and mysterious power of personality and expression which makes them into charismatic and influential teachers. Consequently his influence on his students and the thinking of his times was far reaching and profound. During his lifetime he was regarded as an eminent authority on Muslim Philosophy with particular reference to the teachings of Imam Abu Hamid Mohammad Al-Ghazzāli, Ibn Taimiyya and Syed Ahmed Khan.