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Islamic Research: Theory, Methodology and Thesis Writing

A Milestone for Sustainable Development


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The book argues that Islamic research is not religious research. It does not deal merely with so-called religious issues and disciplines. The subject matter and scope of Islamic research include all aspects of life and society, and as such manifests its concern for the development of people, society, culture, and civilization. The Islamic research is motivated and influenced by True, Authentic and Universal Knowledge generally known as Islamic revealed knowledge. The book contends that it stands for change from materialistic view of life and society to spiritually oriented life and society. The Islamic research is necessary to change the condition of life and society. It is indispensable and crucial for solving the issues of contemporary concern. The book, hence, clarifies the relationship between Islamic research and sustainable development.

The book contends that Islamic research is different from modern and conventional research in theory, methodology, scope, and objectives. It explains the need of the Islamic Research Grand Theory. It deals with the theory, methodology of Islamic research.

This book is designed to serve as a guide to researchers in all fields for conducting research in all disciplines. It also provides new guidelines to young researchers for conducting research and writing their theses at the Masters and PhD levels.

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Weight 1.000 kg
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Muhammad Mumtaz Ali


Islamic Book Trust